Silver Award for HR Support Service

25th June 2018
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Corbett Le Quesne’s HR Support Service has picked up a Silver in the ‘Best Newcomer, New Initiatives’ category of the Citywealth Brand Management and Reputation Awards.

The HR service offers legal support to businesses who wish to support employees going through relationship breakdown. It offers businesses direct access to one of the firm’s family lawyers, should they have staff in crisis.

Once the firm is registered with us, if and when the service is needed, a meeting will be arranged for the member of staff with one of our lawyers. The employee will be given immediate advice to enable them to deal with the matters that concern them most and to protect themselves and their family if appropriate.

Meetings will be arranged on the same day or certainly within 24 hours of being requested. The meeting, which may last up to two hours and the subsequent written advice provided to the employee, will be entirely confidential to the person involved. But instead of the member of staff bearing the cost of the initial advice, it will be met by the employer at a fixed, concessionary rate.

Subsequent legal advice will be at the employee’s own expense, unless the employer feels it could be covered within a staff benefit arrangement. Alternatively it may be recouped from the employee’s salary in due course.

Senior Partner, Barbara Corbett said: “Sadly we know from statistics that some 42% of marriages end in divorce, and that half of these occur in the first 10 years of marriage. Employers are likely to be faced with employees going through family breakdown, and as family lawyers we think it is an issue employers shouldn’t shy away from but rather approach with foresight by being one step ahead with help available in times of need. After all, employee wellbeing is crucial to the proper functioning of any workforce, so it really is in the interest of both employer and employee to be prepared for such an eventuality even if it’s just by providing peace of mind when it is needed most.”

For further details on the scheme or to sign up, click here or contact Barbara or Nick directly.

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