HR Support

As good employers we all want to take care of our staff. Many firms will provide private health insurance for the people who work for them, some will have counselling available for employees and yet others offer massages to stressed members of staff.

But what happens when your staff members have a family law crisis to deal with? Do you send people home on compassionate leave? Do you listen to their problems and try to help, or tell them to pull themselves together and get back to work?

How much better would it be for both you and them for them to have immediate access to dedicated legal advice to allay fears and to ensure that they are taking the most sensible steps they can to deal with things? How much better for them to know what their rights and responsibilities are, and the best ways to cope? How much better for you to have key members of staff back at their desks working again, and not worrying and agonising?

There is a way forward. Corbett Le Quesne have developed a service for businesses that will ensure that any of their employees who wish to take advantage of the arrangement can have immediate access to a qualified and experienced family lawyer for advice in a crisis.

Once a firm is registered with us, if and when the service is needed, a meeting will be arranged for the member of staff with one of our lawyers. The meeting can be at our West’s Centre offices, your office or at a neutral venue if that would be more comfortable. The employee is then given immediate advice to enable them to deal with the matters of most concern to them, and to protect themselves and their family if appropriate. During the working week, this meeting should be possible on the same day, or at most within 24 hours. The meeting (which may last up to 2 hours) and the subsequent written advice provided to the employee will be entirely confidential to the person involved. But instead of a member of staff having the additional concern about the legal costs of such advice, the costs of this will be met by you, the enlightened employer, at a fixed concessionary rate.

That may be the end of the matter. However, if subsequently the person advised wished to instruct Corbett Le Quesne or indeed any other law firm, they would do so as a private client. Alternatively, if you as employer wish to extend the benefit of this service to your staff, arrangements can be made for legal fees to be paid by you on behalf of your employees, either as a full staff benefit, or to be recouped from salary in due course.

We also offer discounts for a Business Succession Review, Wills and related services to firms taking up this HR offering.

If you would like to take advantage of this unique service, or obtain further information, please contact or