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30th June 2021
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Where do you keep your Will? Do you store your bank account, investment, pension and insurance information in the same place? Do you have your passwords written down, or are they locked away in your memory? In the event of something happening to you, would your partner, children, or your Executor be able to access the information needed to deal with all the administrative tasks required on your death?

There are £70 billion of unclaimed assets in the UK. In Jersey over £19 million in dormant bank accounts was claimed by the Government in 2017. Frustratingly, assets are sitting in bank accounts and post office accounts and property remains unclaimed because when someone dies or loses capacity their knowledge is lost with them. Amazingly, the average person has over 80 online accounts some or all of which could be lost if they are not known about when the account holder dies.

Corbett Le Quesne have partnered with ‘Once I’ve Gone’, a secure modern online storage platform for your important information. Once I’ve Gone can securely hold information such as your bank account details, copies of your Wills, video messages to loved ones, insurance and pension details. Your loved ones won’t have to search through piles of papers or guess at passwords when you die. A Once I’ve Gone account can be set up so your nominated family members or professional contacts have exactly the information you want them to have, when you want them to have it. This may prevent valuable assets from being lost during the probate process, help loved ones understand your wishes or enable you to leave a poignant message.

Ian Dibb, founder of Once I’ve Gone had a difficult experience when he lost his mother and sister in a period of two years. He wanted to make the administrative process easier for people already grieving and leading busy lives. He devised a user friendly and safe programme for storing documents and data, which transforms the transition into a positive experience. Especially where special messages or photographs or even videos have been left for loved ones.

Advocate Le Quesne commented: “Once we started offering Wills and probate services we discovered Once I’ve Gone and immediately saw the benefit for our clients. It reduces the administrative burden and it is so easy and engaging to use. There are links to leave charitable donations and you can list the songs and readings you want at your funeral. The thought that went into this is clear and you know that this was set up from a genuine desire to make the process easier when someone passes away. We recommend Once I’ve Gone to clients who are preparing Wills with us and help them to use this invaluable resource.”

For further information, please contact Simon Lofthouse on 01534 733030 or e-mail simon.lofthouse@corbettlequesne.com


About Corbett Le Quesne: Corbett Le Quesne is a dedicated family law firm. It was founded in November 2017 by Advocates Barbara Corbett and Nicholas Le Quesne. The firm’s ethos is to provide clients with peace of mind by taking a holistic approach to family law matters, wherever possible working to achieve resolution out of court. 


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