At Corbett Le Quesne a significant part of our work is international in nature. Many people who live in Jersey have links to other countries and occasionally one spouse will be living abroad when divorce proceedings are brought. More frequently when people from another jurisdiction get divorced they want to go “home” and need advice about relocating and taking their children away from Jersey, if agreement cannot be reached. For other couples, embarking on married life and in need of a pre-nuptial agreement or contrat du mariage where there are assets in Jersey, it is important that proper Jersey family law advice is taken if the agreement is going to have the best chance of being upheld.

Barbara Corbett is a fellow of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers and as such has access to an enormous worldwide network of international family lawyers. This means that whenever there is an international element to your matter, you can be sure that proper advice is available to you.

For more information about acting for foreign lawyers and cross border issues, see our Private Client pages.