In some respects when a family case ends up being litigated, that is, court proceedings are started, it can seem like a failure. At Corbett Le Quesne we try very hard to help you to resolve matters without going to court. But sometimes there is no alternative. One thing to be remembered however, is that court proceedings are not a conveyor belt which you can’t jump off!  At any time it is possible for an agreement to be reached and for the lawyers to let the Court know that there will not need to be a contested hearing. Many cases are settled “at the door of the court”. 

When we at Corbett Le Quesne are involved in court proceedings on your behalf we work tirelessly for you, explaining why certain processes and procedures are necessary and encouraging all concerned to keep to court timetables and move matters on expeditiously. Both Barbara and Nick are experienced advocates and will ensure that your case is presented in the best way to get you and your family the best possible result.