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6th October 2023
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Image: Jersey International Family Law Conference 2023

Corbett Le Quesne's annual Jersey International Family Law Conference was held on the 6th of October 2023. 

The theme of this conference was International Divorce: The Where, the Why and the How. 

Our keynote speaker was The Honourable Mr Justice Cobb and Vanessa Meachin KC from 3PB chaired the event.


Philip Perrins and Katherine Dunseath from headline sponsor 1GC: The Where: Divorce Jurisdiction

Hamish Dunlop from 3PB Barristers: Winning the Race to a Final Order: Schedule 1 D&MPA 1973

Roger Isaacs from Milsted Langdon: Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid when instructing Accountancy Experts in International Cases 

Tara Dunne from OurFamilyWizard 

Felicity Haskins, My Divorce Counsellor 

David Hodson from the International Family Law Group: Towards a Global Criteria for Jurisdiction and Forum

Dr Suypriya McKenna, The Life Doctor: Narcissistic Personality Disorder within the Divorce Process

Thank you!

Thank to everyone who attended our conference on Friday! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

The weather was exceptional, the company was excellent and the food was exquisite. Thank you to the L'Horizon Hotel and all their staff for a perfect day.  Thank you to Delta Events for enhancing all of the speakers' performances and ensuring a smooth hassle free event for us. 

Thanks to all our fabulous and knowledgeable speakers. Including David Hodson, OBE KC (Hons) MCIArb, who said "May I thank you hugely for all your incredible organisation, with your colleagues, for the conference which I very much enjoyed.  It was superbly organised.  I've been speaking at professional conferences for many years and I can truly say that training organisations with full-time staff doing it as a full-time job would have struggled with all that you did both over the weekend and in the weeks and months before.  No wonder it is so hugely popular.  Thank you again."

Thank you to our sponsors: 1GC Family, Evelyn Partners, OurFamilyWizard and Taylor Rose MW   

We held a raffle for our charity of the year Tiny Seeds and raised an incredible £2,320 so once again thank you to everyone for buying tickets.  

A huge thanks especially to Lizzie but also to Anna for all their hard work. We couldn't do it without you!


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