Jersey International Child Law Conference

25th March 2022
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Image: Corbett Le Quesne Family Law Conference 2022

25 March 2022

Corbett Le Quesne held its first Child Law Conference at The Radisson Blu Hotel in Jersey.


Family Judge Samantha McFadzean - Schedule 1 claims 

James Evans -  OurFamilyWizard

Eleanor Green - Parental Alienation: JFCAS perspective 

Jane Campbell, Harcourt Chambers and Clare Porter-Phillips, Unit Chambers Liverpool - Parental Alienation 

Ruth Cabeza, Harcourt Chambers - Adoption, Special Guardianship and Residence as permanency options 

Joanne Ecob and Kate Grieve, 36Family - Beyond Parental Control  

Sponsor: OurFamilyWizard

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