Dodo Tortoise in West's Centre

2nd July 2023
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Image: Dodo Tortoise at West's Centre

We were very excited to welcome such a beautiful addition to West's Centre this week and cannot wait to do the tortoise trail this year.

We have the Dodo Tortoise near our offices. Dodo Tortoise | Tortoise Takeover | Tortoise Takeover (

"'Dodo Tortoise’ is a homage to the extinct dodo, also the iconic symbol of Jersey Zoo, chosen by the founder Gerald Durrell as a reminder of man’s wanton environmental destruction. The design aims to remind us of species that are yet to be ‘as dead as a dodo’ and to protect the many creatures that are still among us."

Dodo was painted by Marta Zubieta: Work - Marta Zubieta

Quilter have sponsored Dodo.

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