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28th February 2022
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Image: Louise Eden looks after our work experience students

This was written by a student who recently spent two weeks with us as part of the Trident work experience scheme. Louise Eden looks after our students to ensure they have plenty to do and get a genuine insight into what it is like to work in family law and it sounds like she has done a great job!

"During my time doing work experience at Corbett Le Quesne, I learned a lot about Family law and how it is practised here in Jersey. I was welcomed with open arms into an enjoyable work environment, with no shortage of chocolate and cakes to spur you on. Everyone here is kind and  was keen to teach me about family law and what they do here at Corbett Le Quesne.

Louise took me under her wing when I arrived, and I was quickly supplied with activities that she had created to teach different aspects of family law in a fun way. These activities concluded reading real life cases relating to each activity, learning Jersey law vocabulary, filling in divorce petitions, and using all the knowledge gathered from prior activities to answer and debate my opinion on controversial law topics. I was also supplied with many links to juicy cases to read which further helped me learn more about Jersey law and how it is enforced in real-life cases. Furthermore, Louise gave me access to real law coursework and lectures that ranged from the topics of human rights and family law to ‘no-fault’ divorces. I also got the opportunity to delve into how doing a law degree can be by writing case notes for cases I had read and looking at past family law exam papers.

Then, Simon taught me about LPAs and wills and even allowed me to fill out some real LPAs and Wills. In addition, he let me shadow him with a client, where I got the opportunity to see actual LPA and will documents and the process of signing them as well as being able to meet a client.

I honestly really enjoyed my time at Corbett Le Quesne and I hope that I get to work some place like this when I’m older, where people are nice and have a laugh and it’s not all emotionless corporate robots. Here I wasn’t just given the work that no one else wanted to do, the work they gave me helped me learn. Family law has such a range of different aspects in it so it’s never just the same old boring thing, I had tons to learn and really enjoyed learning it. I was lucky for my placement to be here and this work experience really solidified my desire to pursue a law degree in my future, equally it definitely interested me in pursuing a career in family law."

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