CLQ announces that Tiny Seeds will be its Charity of the Year in 2023

31st October 2022
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Image: Tiny Seeds Corbett Le Quesne Charity of the Year

Corbett Le Quesne has announced that Tiny Seeds is their Charity of the Year for 2023. 

Advocate Le Quesne told us “This week it is National Fertility Awareness Week and we want to support Tiny Seeds which is a new but very special charity. It is not widely known how common infertility issues are and what an impact they can have on people. Corbett Le Quesne help people who have used surrogacy services and IVF and we know how very challenging fertility issues can be.”

National Fertility Awareness Week  runs from 31 October – 4 November 2022. This year a  #Fertilityin5 campaign is running asking people to express how they feel about infertility in five words. To mark the week here in Jersey, Tiny Seeds are launching their new podcast ‘Tiny Seeds Talking’ in which they will be raising awareness, challenging stigmas and providing a free avenue of support which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Chloé Fosse, Founder and Governor of Tiny Seeds commented  “We are incredibly grateful to Corbett Le Quesne for choosing Tiny Seeds as their Charity of the Year for 2023. We are a small charity and a relatively new charity, but we have needed to grow quickly due to the demand for our services. We welcome and appreciate this opportunity to raise our charity profile, in turn helping us to ensure that no one in Jersey need face infertility or go through fertility treatment alone.

Advocate Corbett commented “Tiny Seeds aims to support people in the workplace as many employers have little understanding of what fertility treatment may mean for an employee and there is limited protection and support in the law. As a charity Tiny Seeds is working to educate and campaign for positive change in both regards. We hope that as education and on the subject improves, so will the situation.”

Corbett Le Quesne’s 2022 charity is Brighter Futures and they recently raised £2,150 for them at their Jersey International Family Law October Conference.


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