The student experience at Corbett Le Quesne

15th June 2018
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By: Katie De Andrade

Corbett Le Quesne first opened on the 1st November 2017, so they are a new law firm who have never had a Trident student working with them. I am very honoured to be their first ever student as it has been a wonderful opportunity. I have wanted to become a lawyer since I was 12 years old and having my Trident placement here has made me want to do it even more. I first wanted to go into criminal law, but now that I have spent two weeks in a family law firm it has made me want to look into it as it has many interesting cases.

The whole team were very welcoming and made sure I was okay with whatever I was doing. I always had something to do. Each day I had a variety of things to do from filing papers to attending meetings. Everyone at Corbett Le Quesne is very approachable and always happy to listen, which is something I admired considering the things they have to deal with. I was very happy spending two weeks at Corbett Le Quesne, I had a lot of fun being here- it’s such a shame I can’t stay for longer.

I got to attend meetings which was really interesting, as I was able to see the insides of the stories because it’s not all about standing up in court. I read about cases, and I learnt new things about the law. I also learnt about what it’s like to work in an office, however this isn’t just some random office, it’s a very calm, happy place to be in with absolutely wonderful people. I also got the opportunity to attend the Royal Court with Barbara Corbett and the Magistrates Court with Nicholas Le Quesne, which was very interesting. Seeing both the advocates and the other advocates from different law firms in their gowns made me wonder what I would look like in mine, in 12 years’ time.

Becoming a successful lawyer is my dream and being here at Corbett Le Quesne has been amazing. I will never forget about my time here, and who knows maybe in the future I will be working alongside the Corbett Le Quesne team.

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