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11th April 2018
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You will have seen our logo on our web site, on our business cards, our office signs and now on our branded umbrellas and shopping bags and you may wonder how we came to choose the design and colours that we did.

When we were planning our new firm we wanted our branding to represent our ethos as family lawyers, to show the way we work in an easily recognisable way. We started with the idea of a bridge, bridging the gap for families in crisis, being a bridge to a better future, a bridge over troubled water. We asked Bec, our designer to come up with some bridge designs….and she did, lots of them. And one of those designs was very like the current logo. Once Nick and I saw it, despite our original idea, our eyes were drawn to the depiction of a bridge, yes, but also people. People holding hands…..or facing away from each other, a parent and child perhaps, or a couple facing the world together. We broadened the lines a little and we had the basis of our logo.

We chose sentence case lettering for the firm name in a sans serif font to be gentle and easy to read. We chose soft colours to emphasise the caring and collaborative nature of our work. The lilac is a colour following through from our Jersey beginnings at Hanson Renouf, through Benest Corbett Renouf and to Corbett Le Quesne. “Le Quesne” means oak tree, making green an appropriate choice to reflect our partnership. The sage green complements the lilac and the two together, with a white background are reflective of the women’s suffrage movement. 

With a description of what we are:  specialist family lawyers our logo was complete. We hope you like it.

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