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13th July 2020
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Image: Corbett Le Quesne, Specialist Family Lawyers in Jersey

Parenting Support

Parenting Support run courses on various topics. They provide information and advice as well as a confidential drop in service on Friday mornings (9-1pm) at the Bridge Child and Family Centre, Le Geyt Road

There is a fee for some courses but islanders may be eligible for a voucher - contact them for more information

Keeping Children In Mind
This 3 hour course held at the Bridge is for parents who are separated or divorced and worried about the impact on their children. It looks at ways of managing and supporting all the family and includes discussions on:

  • talking to children about separation and divorce
  • the potential effects of this life changing event on children and adults
  • practical ideas on developing a collaborative parenting approach
  • how to deal with less than ideal situations


The Incredible Years
A practical programme for parents of 3-10 year olds filled with examples of everyday problem situations and concerns and step by step suggestions on how to handle them including sleep and behaviour difficulties.

Blame My Brain
This helps parents with children as they become young adults. It explores issues such as why teenagers take risks, seem argumentative and struggle to get out of bed in the morning. 

Triple P Positive Parenting Programmes
Parenting Support Services run these programmes in conjunction with other teams in primary and secondary schools across the island to offer ideas to help deal with the big and small parenting challenges that are part of family life concerning children and teenagers up to 18 years.

They also deliver a programme for parents and carers of children with special needs and programmes can also delivered in Portuguese.

Programmes include; the power of positive parenting, raising competent children and teenagers, raising resilient children, dealing with disobedience, managing fighting and aggression, developing good bedtime routines, hassle free shopping, reducing family conflicts, dealing with challenging behavior, coping with teenagers’ emotions, building teenagers’ survival skills and getting teenagers to cooperate.

Telephone: 01534 449481



Information on mental health conditions, advocacy and residential services, support for carers and families, peer support and signposting.

Designed to support children living or associated with a parent/carer suffering with poor mental health. Over eight group sessions, children are taught about mental illness and encouraged to develop life skills to help with their ability to cope. The parent also receives one-to-one support to understand their child’s experience of living in a family with mental illness.

Telephone: 01534 760800





For 7-12 years olds affected by a loved one’s chemical dependency, Silkworms offers a safe and supportive therapeutic environment in which to help children explore their feelings and the impact of chemical dependency and addiction, as well as providing them with tools to help them manage their emotions and to keep them safe beyond the programme. Silkworms is a four day programme run during term time with additional monthly support groups thereafter.

Telephone: 01534 729060




St John Ambulance

Carer and child carer support programmes covering first aid, health and safety, stress management and information.

Telephone: 01534 735611




Brighter Futures

A range of programmes for children and adults covering relationships within the family, self-awareness and self-management and self-esteem and confidence.

Brighter Futures was our chosen charity for 2022

Telephone: 01534 449152




Youth Service

YES Project

Free counselling and information to anyone aged 14 to 25. The YES project helps young people find up-to-date and accurate information and advice that they can use to make informed choices on a range of issues. One to one and drop in sessions are offered.

Telephone: 01534 280500




Milli’s Child Contact Centre

The Jersey Centre for separated families is a place where child contact can happen safely with and between parents/careers. Support and advice is also offered regarding practicalities of looking after children and other agencies who may be able to help.

Telephone: 0800 7351012 or 07797 798 192 

Website: Millis – Separated Family Centre – Jersey  


Jersey Childcare Trust (JCCT)

Information, financial support and advice regarding childcare.

Telephone: 01534 629901





Letting The Future In
For 4-17 year olds who have been abused. Special play therapy helps children safely work through past experiences and come to understand and move on from what has happened.

Specially trained staff also talk to parents or carers to help the whole family and both individual support and joint sessions with the child are offered.

Telephone: 01534 760800




Probation Service

ADAPT - Adapt Domestic Abuse Prevention Training

Adapt is aimed at men who would like to stop their abusive behaviour towards an (ex) partner. Participants are encouraged to think about why they abuse, the impact of this and explore strategies and techniques to avoid using abusive behaviour.

Telephone: 01534 441900



Christians Against Poverty

CAP Money and CAP Life Skills courses
These courses are open to all and free of charge. Designed to help people build workable budgets and practical advice on how to eat well on a budget and how to make money go further.

Telephone: 01534 525575




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