Katie de Andrade promoted to Junior Paralegal

5th December 2022
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Image: Katie de Andrade

Katie de Andrade joined Corbett Le Quesne in January 2022. She recently started studying towards her degree at the Institute of Law in Jersey and has now been promoted to Junior Paralegal. Katie’s first experience of law was being Corbett Le Quesne’s first Trident student in 2018.

Katie commented “I have been interested in law since I was very young. I used to watch a Portuguese series called Inspector Max and watching them work inspired me. At first this meant I wanted to become a police officer but as I got older I started considering other options including law. Working at Corbett Le Quesne and helping clients has confirmed that this is definitely what I want to do. I am studying now and hope to become an Advocate before I am 30.”

Advocate Le Quesne commented “Katie has been invaluable assisting with Portuguese clients in particular and she has been promoted to Junior Paralegal to reflect the work she is now doing. Katie is very good with clients and is keen to learn. She particularly loves going to court and I am sure she will make an excellent advocate one day.”

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