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9th September 2022
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Image: Corbett Le Quesne Pride

We are supporting Pride this year to show our support for our many LGBQT+ clients. As a specialist family law firm we help lots of clients with relationship issues and matters relating to children, which can be more complex for same sex couples. We are offering two free hours of advice to new clients who come to see us in September in relation to any matter involving children, whatever type of family they are a part of.

Advocate Corbett commented “we want to celebrate the changes to the law meaning that same sex couples will both be allowed to be named on their children’s birth certificates and have parental responsibility for them without having to apply to the court, as is the position now.”

One of Liberate’s mission goals is “to support those who identify as part of a minority and/or historically excluded group (“Minorities”), their families, friends and associates living in the Channel Islands by campaigning to reform policies and laws to ensure that Minorities can enjoy the same freedoms and rights as everyone else across the Channel Islands.”  The law is still inadequate when it comes to same sex parental rights. Same-sex parents do not have the same rights as opposite sex parents when they register the birth of their child. Surrogacy laws need to be updated and we are working with the States to remedy the discriminatory areas.

We are also still campaigning for no fault divorce and this affects everyone equally. At the moment there are various definitions in the law that are discriminatory (as well as some which are completely outdated and destructive to family life).

If you want legal advice regarding a family matter please contact us on enquiries@corbettlequesne.com or call 733030 and if you choose to instruct us this month you will have two free hours of legal advice.

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