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18th October 2019
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Corbett Le Quesne has contributed the family law content for Jersey for the International Comparative Legal Guide (the “ICLG”) for 2020.

This guide provides information on common issues in family law including jurisdiction, divorce, cohabitation, children, abduction, relocations, cross-border issues, parental responsibility, child maintenance and marital agreements. Information is available for 28 jurisdictions and Corbett Le Quesne was invited to provide the information regarding Jersey.

Advocate Le Quesne said “the reason we wanted to assist with this was because we see so many international elements to divorce and people need advice across jurisdictions more and more. Many people in Jersey are well travelled and come from all over the world. We need to work internationally, and people should be able to find information when they start researching this important area. Anyone can be affected by family law issues and we are a specialist family law firm in Jersey so we feel a duty to help provide reliable and professional information about the law of the island.”

The ICLG covers 53 legal practice areas. Some people look at the law of a particular jurisdiction before they do business there or in the case of family law, people may want to consider the local laws before moving to a country as it could affect pre-nuptial agreements, how the courts deal with property on divorce, what rights people have or how children are dealt with for example.

Advocate Corbett said “we recently arranged an International Family Law Conference in Jersey because we work across borders all the time. People come to us with a wide range of questions and we think being involved with this is really important.”

Access to the ICLG is free online or it is possible to buy a print edition of the annual publication. It is useful for lawyers and for the lay person looking for more information online.

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