Key note speaker at Corbett Le Quesne's conference warns parents not to stop contact unreasonably

23rd April 2020
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Sir Andrew McFarlane, key note speaker at Corbett Le Quesne’s Jersey International Family Law Conference on October 2nd 2020 is warning parents not to stop contact unreasonably.

Many separated families are managing to deal with the lockdown and changes to seeing their children by agreement. However, some parents are exploiting the situation and unreasonably reducing or stopping contact. Some people shut down when they are scared and they try to protect their loved ones as best they can, but in this case, unless there are genuine reasons for stopping or changing contact then they could be damaging their children more by acting in this way.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, head of the family courts in England and Wales, and due to be the key note speaker at Corbett Le Quesne’s Jersey International Family Law Conference on October 2nd 2020, says that children should continue to visit parents they do not live with as long as both households are healthy.

The guidance from the Government is that children under the age of 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes, as long as they are satisfied it is not going to put children at risk. We have seen situations where contact with one parent has stopped because they or their new partner works in a hospital for example. There is a level of discretion in determining what is the best thing to do, but parents should try to reach agreement where possible.

Sir Andrew is particularly focusing on parents who are “acting in a cynical and opportunistic manner” which he says is “wrong” and he warns that people ignoring court orders could end up facing legal action.

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