Katie De Andrade is a Mooting Master

8th November 2023
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Image: Kate De Andrade Jersey

Congratulations to Katie De Andrade for being one half of the winning team at the 2023 Institute of Law Mooting Competition.

What is mooting? Mooting is a fun but daunting experience for most legal students. They have to argue a legal issue in front of a judge and opposing counsel who argue the opposite point of view. It is excellent practice for being in court and really hones a student's understanding of their client's case. 

Katie was in a team with Archer De Gruchy. They had to go through three challenging stages of the competition, the play-off, the semi-finals and the finals. The judges were the Dean of the Institute of Law, CEO Miceal Barden, Advocate Claire Davies and Dr Jonathan Brown. 

To find out more about studying at the Institute of Law visit the website Institute of Law Jersey (ac.je)

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