Trusts and the Family Conference 30 June 2023

26th April 2023
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On the 30th of June 2023 Corbett Le Quesne are hosting a conference aimed at local trust companies and family offices. Trust companies and family offices work with high net worth families to help them manage their wealth for the benefit of the future generations.  Trusts are usually established to protect family assets and trustees work to manage those trusts effectively so why would a family law firm like Corbett Le Quesne be holding a trusts conference?

Since Simon Lofthouse joined in 2021 Corbett Le Quesne has been the only law firm in Jersey specialising in only family and private client services. Simon was keen to share the benefits of family lawyers and trustees working together. He commented “Traditionally trustees have been wary of family lawyers because they often worry they will attack trusts upon divorce and seek private information about the trusts they manage. We have found that by working together there are considerable benefits for clients in this area.”

Specialist family lawyers are often needed to draft pre-nuptial agreements when the beneficiaries of trusts get married. This can protect trust assets and other beneficiaries. Trusts can be ‘attacked’ as part of the divorce process when spouses want access to information about trusts. Ensuring trustees obtain the right advice from the right people at the right time is crucial to protect the trustees as well as their clients. Advocate Corbett commented: “We have found that working with trustees has been of significant benefit.  Sometimes the best solution upon divorce is to set up new trusts to protect all parties but most commonly the children who can otherwise get caught in the crossfire.”

Advocate Le Quesne said “James Corbett KC is chairing the event. We have some excellent speakers coming over from the UK for this event. It is a great networking opportunity with so many people coming from overseas and our conferences have a fantastic reputation. We are very proud to be able to offer these high quality events on island providing crucial CPD for local residents without the need to travel.”

Landytech and 3PB Barristers are sponsoring the event which is being held at the Pomme d’Or on the 30th of June. There is an early bird offer available until the end of April and tickets are only £200. Simon Lofthouse commented “We have deliberately set the price much lower than is standard for these events because we want to be as inclusive as possible, especially so that more junior employees have a chance to attend. We arrange three conferences a year in house meaning we can keep costs down. Our international contacts are always keen to come to our wonderful island and speak at our events.”

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