Jersey International Family Law Dinner series launched successfully

17th October 2018
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We were delighted to host the Inaugural Jersey International Family Law Dinner at the Hotel de France on October 5th.

Some 70 family lawyers from Jersey, England and France were in attendance to hear Lord Justice Moylan’s address, and network over dinner afterwards.

Advocate Nicholas Le Quesne said of the event: “It was a great first dinner in a series which we hope to be able to continue for years to come. We are hugely grateful to Lord Justice Moylan for bringing his gravitas to the event. He touched on some important topics such as the rise in cross border relationships and the challenges this poses for both families and family lawyers in today’s world.

“It very much highlighted why it is important to get family lawyers together in such a forum, not just to exchange ideas but also to enable us as family lawyers to work together and know who to call on in different jurisdictions to help secure the best results for our clients in all situations but especially where families are being split across borders.”

The event was a resounding success and we are already planning the second dinner in the series for 2019.

Many thanks also to 1GC Family Law for co-sponsoring the event!

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