International Women's Day 2023

7th March 2023
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Image: The women at Corbett Le Quesne March 2023

This International Women's Day we are focusing on the women at Corbett Le Quesne. 

As a small specialist law firm we have more women at Corbett Le Quesne than your average office. When Kate and Sarah and Jamie-Lee joined in the last year we grew to a firm of ten, with eight women including one female partner, Advocate Barbara Corbett. 

We thought you may enjoy some random facts about us.

We have two female Jersey advocates and one Jersey solicitor.

We have three female English solicitors.

We have two female English barristers.

Katie, Kate, Jamie and Louise have all been studying while working. 

Barbara has five children, two granddaughters and a step granddaughter. Kate and Sarah have two children and and Anna has one. 

Three of us work part time.  Corbett Le Quesne offers flexible working hours and for those of us who are mums or who are busy studying, that enables us to have a better work/life balance. 

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