Corbett Le Quesne trial four day week

1st June 2023
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Image: Corbett Le Quesne staff

Corbett Le Quesne is trialling a four day week from June 2023. 

Advocate Corbett said "The primary reason for moving to a four day week is to improve the work/life balance for all of us. A four day week will enable us all to take time on the fifth day to spend more time with our families and friends, catch up on studying, do the life admin we don’t have time for in the week usually, attend appointments, go shopping, do more exercise or simply stay in bed a bit longer.  We very much hope this will be a success for the benefit of everyone. The office will remain open as usual five days a week and advocates will remain available for urgent appointments out of hours. All staff will be in the office on Thursdays for any 'all staff' meetings and also to ensure we all see each other and maintain the friendly small office feel we are so proud of."

Advocate Le Quesne said "the staff have enthusiastically welcomed this suggestion. It has been a very easy process coordinating what days people want off so far. We are holding our first away weekend in November and will discuss the trial and review whether it is a viable option for the long term then."

If anyone would like more information about working a four day week Barbara and Nick are happy to have a chat. Call 01534 733030 or email or

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