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11th April 2018
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Image: Our Office Manager, Lizzie, with Ruth Smith.

It was obvious what we had to do! Our office Manager Lizzie had nominated her good friend Ruth Smith for the award of Inspirational Woman of the Year at the Women’s Refuge International Women’s Day event- and she won! 

We, like the panel that chose her, think the work Ruth does for school children in Kenya is remarkable. Since her initial involvement with St Clement’s school in Malindi in 2013, she has started a “Porridge Programme” to ensure the children start their days on full tummies; secured funding for 165 very poor children; and she has identified  funding providing many successful revenue streams for the school. As if that wasn’t enough, in 2015 Ruth opened her own little school, Malindi Bright Future Academy,  to meet demand in the area. 

Following on from the porridge programme, it became clear that in order to be able to concentrate in the afternoons the children needed lunch. The cost of this is modest but even so some children cannot afford it. We have therefore decided to sponsor the lunch programme that Ruth runs at St Clement’s School in Malindi.  This will provide a proper lunch for 12 hungry children for a whole year giving them a better opportunity to learn.  

Senior Partner, Barbara Corbett said: ‘Ruth is passionate that education is power. The lengths she has gone to, to demonstrate that is extraordinary, and we are delighted to support her truly wonderful work.’

For more information about how to support Ruth’s efforts, please contact Ruth directly at


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