St John's Ambulance, Corbett Le Quesne's Charity of the Year 2024

30th November 2023
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Image: Corbett Le Quesne Charity of the Year, 2024

The staff at Corbett Le Quesne have voted to support St John's Ambulance as our Charity of the Year for 2024.

You can see the article in the Bailiwick Express: 

St John Ambulance is 2024 chosen charity | Bailiwick Express Jersey

Corbett Le Quesne have various links with St John’s Ambulance. Katie De Andrade is the office First Aider and has completed the St John's Ambulance First Aid at Work course.  Before having children Anna Styles attended the paediatric first aid training course. Anna was a badger growing up and volunteered at many events like the Battle of Flowers when she was younger. Badgers are the youngest first aiders and start learning first aid from the age of 6. There are also school programmes to encourage schools to teach lifesaving skills to young people. Advocate Kate Donohue has close ties with the charity and nominated them for our charity of the year 2024.  Kate commented “I suggested that we choose St John’s Ambulance and everyone was immediately in agreement. They provide an invaluable service to the island and many events could not go ahead without them. They are an integral part of the community. They run courses that not only save lives but support children, carers and people struggling with their mental health. We see the value they provide to people which is why we wanted to support their work in whatever way we can.”

Simon Lofthouse, Head of Private Client said “One of the best ways to help a charity in the long run is to leave a legacy in your Will. St John's Ambulance have the information on their website that you need to do this i.e. their charity number and registered address."

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St John's Ambulance have just launched a new initiative committed to helping support young people in underserved communities. For more information click here: About Young Responders | St John Ambulance (  

St John’s Ambulance is funded entirely by donations and couldn’t run without their many volunteers giving up their valuable time, often at weekends and evenings.  If you want to support the charity you can use their Co-Op share number which is 341946 or donate here: St John Ambulance Jersey | Donate


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