Association of Lawyers for Children Conference

20th November 2023
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Image: Barbara Corbett and Kate Donohue

Advocates Barbara Corbett and Kate Donohue attended the annual ALC conference in Manchester last week. 

ALC is the Association of Lawyers for Children. As stated on their website, "the ALC exists to promote and secure justice for children and young people within the legal system in England and Wales. Within that framework, its aim is to develop and improve the practice of lawyers in meeting the needs of children who become involved in legal processes by promoting standards of best practice and interdisciplinary training. The ALC has an outstanding reputation for promoting the voice of the child." 

Advocate Donohue said "these conferences are so important to encourage the sharing of ideas, promoting children's welfare and keeping up to date with new research and best practices. It is always lovely to see everyone too. I find the workshops really engaging and helpful and some of the speakers were absolutely brilliant. The ALC do a wonderful job arranging these events and it was fantastic for me personally being back in Manchester where I grew up."



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