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26th May 2021
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“Will You Marry Me?” may be the start of your family planning journey. Or perhaps “Will You be a Godparent? (and look after my child in the event that something happens to me). “Will you move in with me?” Or maybe “Will you be ok when I am gone?” Family Planning traditionally means planning to start a family. It focuses on new life and new beginnings, ideally at a time to suit you. At the other end of the spectrum, we help people plan for their family by dealing with death and divorce where there is less, if any, control over what happens when.

As family lawyers we help people provide for their family by drafting Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), Cohabitation Agreements and Consent Orders among other things.

Losing someone close to you or watching them lose their mental capacity is heart-breaking. Considering how to provide for loved ones is not simply an administrative task, there are usually emotions and sometimes quite tricky family dynamics involved.  Separating is usually very difficult and equally life changing. This makes family planning very challenging.

You might ask why or how we can do this type of work. But assisting you to prepare for and deal with these life events is the best way we know of helping people.

You know the saying… “Hope for the best, plan for the worst”. We all hope that our marriages will last a lifetime and our beloved family members will be around forever. However, Family Planning on that basis isn’t sensible. Most Wills and LPAs can be drafted and signed very quickly. Pre-nuptial agreements give clarity and create security. Planning for the future gives peace of mind and lifts the burden not only from you but also from your loved ones.  At Corbett Le Quesne we make the process as painless as possible.

So what are your Family Planning needs?  When can you challenge a Will? Who decides if you should go to a nursing home if you couldn’t look after yourself?  What rights do you have if your partner dies? Do you have children or pets? What would happen to them in the event of your death? When is the best time to write a Will or an LPA? If you get married, does your Will become invalid? Will the children from your first marriage be provided for if you don’t have a Will? Are Pre-Nuptial Agreements valid in Jersey? Why do you need a Co-habitation Agreement?

For more information, call or email us for a free 30 minute information session. Or do you work for a company and think that your colleagues or staff would want to know more? Call us and arrange a free seminar. We are here to help with all your long term family planning needs.

Simon Lofthouse has recently joined Corbett Le Quesne and is an expert in assisting clients with Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills. Advocate Barbara Corbett, Advocate Nicholas Le Quesne and Anna Styles are specialist family lawyers. Contact us on 01534 733030 or enquiries@corbettlequesne.com or visit www.corbettlequesne.com

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